Mia helps kids choose books

We give kids their own secret agent. Her name is Mia (and she’s secretly a robot). Mia helps elementary school students choose books they love for independent reading and become self-directed learners. She collaborates with their awesome teachers, for whom there aren’t enough hours in the day. And, she works with parents, schools, and philanthropic organizations to enable children to own the books they choose.

To grow into powerful readers, kids need to be able to choose books that match their interests, abilities, and identities and to learn to make those choices well. However, recommending the right books from which to choose is complex and time consuming, and many families and schools can’t afford to buy them. Mia uses technology to connect elementary school students to books that both motivate them and help them learn through personalized recommendations, coaching, and opportunities to own. Unlike online reading programs, Mia activity strengthens self-directed learning skills and builds kids’ personal libraries.

CEO Darren Cambridge explains why he co-founded Mia and why she needs your help

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Mia reports to us

As co-founders, we bring a combined four decades of experience in education and computer science. Darren led the Washington office of the National Council of Teachers of English, directed major educational technology and professional learning initiatives for the U.S. Department of Education and National Science Foundation, and conducted research on digital media and learning at George Mason University recognized as groundbreaking by the MacArthur Foundation. Kathleen developed image recognition and sentiment analysis technology for the federal government, applied social network analysis to professional development and teacher education, and created a network of Washington area deep learning researchers. (As a covert operative, Mia’s background is top secret.)

Mia needs you

Let us know if you’d like to learn more. We won’t share your information with anyone but Mia.