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A Rainbow of Reads: 5 Picture Books for #NationalColorDay!

October 22, 2018

A Rainbow of Reads: 5 Picture Books for #NationalColorDay!

From classics like Planting a Rainbow and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? to simple concept collections, color-themed books for preschoolers are commonplace to the point of …saturation (no, we’re not sorry for the pun). They’re standard fare, along with counting, shapes, and the alphabet. But little ones don’t have the market cornered – for older readers (and remember, Mia users range from 7 to 12ish), fantastic hue-centric reads are out there, just waiting for you to feast your eyes on them. Here are some of our all-time colorful favorites:

The Rainbow Goblins cover
The Rainbow Goblins

Ul deRico

First published in 1978, this is an enduring classic tale of hungry goblins who subsist on color and have set their predatory sights on the poor rainbow, hoping to lasso it and fill their bellies with its riches. True, it can be a little strange (the Indigo goblin’s bottom makes more than a few appearances for some odd reason), but its gorgeous oil painting illustrations and elegant, archetypal storytelling make it perfect for older elementary schoolers.

The Day the Crayons Quit
The Day the Crayons Quit

Drew Daywalt, ill. Oliver Jeffers

Poor blue crayons – every time a kid draws the sky, they have to work so hard filling it. And green crayons are always being recruited to represent vegetation, but is that really fair? Wouldn’t it be crazy if your crayons expressed their grievances to you when you started to color? That’s just what happens to poor Duncan in this hilarious, original, and charming read.

lion.jpgThe Lion and the Little Red Bird

Elisa Kleven

This gentle-yet-joyous book is perfect for independent readers of early elementary age, with stunning colors and a host of different textures at play in the illustrations. Little Red Bird wonders why the lion she sees padding around from day to day has a tail that seems to change colors. When she discovers his colorful secret after he comes to her rescue during a storm, their friendship comes into full bloom.

stirpesA Bad Case of Stripes

David Shannon

What would you do if you woke up with your entire body covered in a rainbow of stripes but were completely healthy? Would you be able to go to school without letting it worry you what others might think or say? Can you stay true to yourself even with peer pressure bearing down on you? This modern classic has a fantastic message, and every page is a beautiful painting.

51-U044sNCL.jpgThe Gardener

Sarah Stewart, ill. David Small

An all-time favorite among Mia Learning’s writing staff, this Caldecott Honoree tells the Depression-era story of Lydia, whose misanthrope uncle and his bleak, grey city both need a healthy dose of color to cheer them up. With her suitcase full of seeds, plenty of determination, and a rooftop on which to grow her floral palette, Lydia beautifies her world and teaches readers valuable lessons about recycling, family ties, and having an open and generous spirit.

There were so many great books we could have listed here, and we wish this list were 500 books instead of just five. We hope you will check out all five of these colorful picture books in honor of #NationalColorDay and share your own favorites with Mia!
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