Introducing Secret Agent Mia, Cursive Edition

April 1, 2019

Introducing Secret Agent Mia, Cursive Edition™

You asked for it. Our data scientists delivered.

The Mia Learning team has traveled across the country over the last two years talking to teachers, librarians, school leaders, and literacy researchers. Almost everywhere we heard: Can Mia help students learn cursive?

The answer is yes! We’re at North Carolina Reading Conference here in Raleigh to unveil Secret Agent Mia, Cursive Edition™. Using technology developed at the University of Toronto, Mia can now write her responses to students in realistic children’s cursive handwriting.

“Policy makers and educational leaders around the country are finally rediscovering the importance of cursive to students’ future,” says Dr. Darren Cambridge, Mia Learning’s CEO. “It’s a perfect opportunity to harness the power of artificial intelligence to empower young writers be better prepared to succeed in college and careers”

The text is generated using a powerful form of neural network called Long Short-Term Memory, allowing for much more authentic results than with the other forms of recurrent neural networks or hidden markov models employed by our competitors.

Students can respond to Mia in cursive as well. Students write their messages on paper then use webcams to send them. Teachers may choose to put Mia in Quill Mode™, which disables voice and typing input, really putting students’ penmanship to the test!

A student responds to Mia … in cursive!

According to Peter Afflerbach, Professor of Reading at the University of Maryland, “Recent advances in brain based learning make it hard for anyone to deny what our best teachers have always understood: Growth in reading motivation and facility with cursive handwriting are inextricably connected. Mia Learning has given us a revolutionary tool.”

Secret Agent Mia, Cursive Edition™, is now available to schools for the 2019-2020 school year. For more information, please contact Diana Black (diana@mialearning.com).

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