We help kids make powerful choices, starting with books.


Mia in action

Elementary and middle school students talk with our voice chatbot twice a month in class using existing devices. Parents and donors buy subscriptions that enable kids to own print books they choose.


Mia’s story

Mia is a secret agent with the Anti-Boredom Coalition. Unlike parents and teachers, Mia never judges. Her prime directive is to help each kid realize his or her own goals while having as much fun as possible.

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Mia uses machine learning to offer personalized book recommendations reflecting each child’s goals, interests, preferences and abilities. She shares reasons they’ll like each book and learns from their reading experiences.



Students whose parents buy book subscriptions receive two print books to add to their personal libraries each month. We work with non-profits to expand book ownership in low-income schools.



Each month Mia talks with students about their independent reading experiences. She guides them as they reflect on how well their chosen books and how they read them advanced their goals and then recommends strategies for improving future choices.