Mia at ISTE

Mia Learning is putting machine learning and other AI technologies to work solving problems educators tell us matter to them, starting with helping kids choose and access books for independent reading. To do this well, we need to build a community of committed educators to guide us, and we hope you will join. To talk with us at ISTE, email Darren Cambridge: darren@mialearning.com.

Who is Mia?

Mia is a secret agent who uses machine learning and expert knowledge about reading to help kids learn to choose books they love. Kids use a voice interface (like Alexa) on any device to talk to Mia, sending her on monthly missions. Mia returns with personalized recommendations, books, and suggestions on improving future choices.

Mia monthly cycle

Parents buy subscriptions that enable kids to own print books they choose (like Scholastic Book Club). When cost is a barrier, we help you partner with funders, such as donors, foundations, and literacy non-profits. Schools and districts can buy site licenses that come with enterprise features.

Using Mia with your students at the classroom level is free.
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ISTE teacher special : Sign up during ISTE 2017 and get $100 in books for your classroom when 50% of your parents subscribe.


CEO Darren Cambridge explains why he co-founded Mia and why she needs your help


Mia believes that …

Education should cultivate intrinsic motivation to help students become passionate, lifelong readers and self-directed learners.

Students should have the opportunity to own their own books.

Technology should increase the agency of teachers and students.

Teachers should be able to use artificial intelligence to solve problems they care about.

Meet Mia at ISTE

If you share these values or just want to help students grow as independent readers, Mia

wants to connect with you. We’ve wrapped up our meetings at Briam Cottage, but we’ll be around until the end of the conference, so get in touch, and we’ll find a place. Our $25 Amazon gift card offer still applies!



Questions? Can’t be at ISTE but want to talk anyway? Contact Darren Cambridge via email or phone at +1-202-270-5224.